Puzzle Coasters

Puzzle piecs coasters made from recyled fence pailings. Because…. well i guess I was bored! 🙂

I had a stack of old hardwood from a torn down fence that was looked for a project. Likely material Victorian Ash, but I’m just guessing based on age and where it was taken from. 20150214_134551.jpg

I downloaded a free puzzle image, and went for a 3×3 arrangement. Printed to my desired size I just glued it onto the timber. Now to make things tricky for myself, I wanted the grain to be running in different directions, but it came out quite nicely.

My only challenge with this project was this hardwood itself. It planed up quite nicely, but being about 60 years old weathered fence palings, the material was incredible brittle, and didn’t take to kindly to my power jigsaw. I broke several pieces before I gave up and cut the rest by hand with a coping saw.

The pieces are roughly 80mm square each, and about 10mm thick.

The cuts are a bit rough and needing a lot of sanding down so the pieces would fit no mater which way you configured the puzzle. Ideally I’d have liked the fit between each piece to be a little closer matched. But hey, it looks nice and rustic; In the spirit of using recycled materials I think!

Finished with two coats of linseed oil. Very satisfied with this little project.





  1. I am not sure it’s even possible to get the gaps closer without laser cutting… Which defeats the purpose of hand made 🙂 So I’d say these are perfect, I’d prefer them like this than laser cut anyway.

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