Crosscut Sled

A small crosscut sled for my new table saw. Made from scraps like a jig should be!

Professor Google has assured me that having a cross cut sled will be far more useful than just the mitre gauge that came with my tablesaw. Who am I to argue? So if you’ve not seen these things before, they are a staple in most of the bloggers’ workshops were they do more interesting projects. It allows you to cut pieces across the grain more safely and accurately than using a miter gauge. For me I often find myself counting my fingers after trying to cut small pieces, so this will be very welcome item and safety upgrade for me.

This was a pretty simple build really, although I really wish I’d taken a bit more time in making it, as I stuffed a few things up that will no doubt bug me no end every time I use it.

As with everything in my workshop, I needed this to be on the small side as I’ve got minimal storage space. So I went for a 350x400mm sled area, figuring most of my work is on small projects anyway.

I cut up two runners for my table-saw channels, in this case just over 16mm wide. The base was 10mm pine plywood scrap, reasonably flat but not perfect. And for the fence I used some scrap pine left over from by workbench build.

Attaching the runners was simple. Just sat the ply over the runners in the table, got the ply roughly square to the table, then drilled and screwed straight into the runners, taking a little care not to punch through into my table.


Getting the fence ready was a little more work, as my raw stock wasn’t square enough. I used a hand plane to get it just so, and with a couple of set squares glued it in place. I used a packing strip to give it some more support. After gluing it was screwed in from below to give some added strength.


You repeat at the other end, but don’t need to worry about getting it square as this end is only there to hold things together; you clamp work pieces to the rear fence


Once all that’s done you just slice it down the middle with the table saw itself.

That’ll do. Not going to win any beauty prizes but it should do the job. Not entirely satisfying as it’s a bit rough at the back (deliberately didn’t photo). But it works so I guess I’m happy 🙂



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