My new little friend

What a cute little find this week. $60 off ebay, and must be about the smallest bandsaw around. I didn’t read the add too closely so was taken a bit by surprise at how small this really is. But actually I think this will work well for my tiny workspace.

How cute is this thing? So small I thought it needed some scale in the photo, hence my silly grinning face making an appearance.

A quick once over shows a few bits needing adjustment like this blade guide. Should be ok; the bearings seem fine still.

This little mechanism gives the blade some support. The bearings ware just wobbling about at the moment, but looks like the adjustment screws are all ok.


The little replaceable insert is basically ok with just a little groove cut in it. If I could can be bothered I might replace the insert, and potentially put one with “zero clearance” or at least a bit tighter to avoid tear out on the work piece, as I’m likely going to mostly use this with the table flat.


Yep definitely used! Not sure if this sort of build up of wood dust is normal or not. Needs a good clean out and I’ll definitely used it with an extractor hose on. There is also a tiny set of brushes down the bottom that are supposed to sweep the blade off near the dust extraction port, these are either worn down or were not adjusted correctly as they are just in free air currently.

Here’s the unit with the case opened. Quite a lot of dust in here. But nothing obviously damaged.

GMC is a now defunct business as far as I know, but used to sell as the bottom end of the market out of Bunnings Warehouse. Still, I see no reason for this unit to not work well. The table is solid and flat; The blade runs smoothly; The motor sounds good; No bells and whistles I’m sure, but for the price I think this is great.  Plus I think I like the small size after all. Apart from the fact of my limited space, I was considering getting a scroll saw, but this has such a thin blade I think it will do most things I’d planned to do with a scroll saw anyway (i.e. pretty tight curves which would not possible with larger bandsaws due to the blade size)

Ok so that’ll do! I have big plans for my little friend. I’ll need to go build him a home that’s not on my only work bench, so he might have to share nicely with the other kids. I’m seeing a project in my future. 🙂


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