Reuse Recycle – extra work bench

A quick and dirty project to hobble together an extra work bench for my benchtop power tools. While hardly the prettiest project, it is a good one to illustrate turning rubbish into something useful. All the materials, including even the screws, were salvaged from somewhere or another. 

The steel frame was previously a wood lathe stand given to me, but the old benchtop had rotted away and a slider draw rusted through. But otherwise sturdy and perefct hight for a work bench. 

I had also been given a large piece of old marine ply wood for this exact purpose but I’d never got around to using it.  

Finally a scrap of old pine recovered from my previous old dinning table, that in turn had been converted to a work bench until I’d pulled it to pieces after building a proper one more recently (project link here).

So the rest was very simple really. Cut the ply to size with a circular saw. Cut a rebate into the pine to use as an edging. A few screws to secure. Then some hand planning of that edging to deal with it being pretty wonky to start with. Ta-daaa!  

The only slightly tricky but was actually securing the top to the steel frame. I have one small metal tread tap only, too small for this job, and the steel was too thick to just use self tapping screws. So I used a few scraps to make a U bracket to cradle the steel cross members. 

So not hugely impressive I know, but all this stuff was destined for landfill otherwise so I’m happy to have used it all . Half the fun of all this woodworking buisness is the progressive updates you can justify to your workspace. And  doing what you can with basically no money spent just adds cream to the top. 


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