Workshop Storage

A small addition to my workshop storage. Scrap plywood holder for small parts trays.

I’ve collected a few of those plastic trays for storing all sorts of bits and bobs, and have seen plenty of people come up with simple solutions for storing then neatly. So not exactly a creative solution, this still seemed a good project.

I went ultra simple for the box frame, just glue and nails. Pre-drilling the nail holes to avoid splitting this very thin plywood. All made with scraps and off-cuts of course; in this case left over materials from both my workbench and laundry storage unit.

I cut up some remaining scrap ply to use as runners. 15mm wide strips, doubled up, glued and nail. This was about the thinnest I could do easily on my tablesaw without a jig, cutting three pieces at once.

I have french/bevel cleat rails running around most of my workshop, so mounting this was just a matter of attaching a 45 angle and spacer block. Long term I want to build a lot more of this sort of unit, for storing all sorts of things, and the great thing about this system is you can easily re-arrange as you progressively build more things.


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