Building a box

First try with my new box joint jig. Nothing too fancy. Just some pine plywood to test the concept. I’ll turn it into a small box for the toy car I made.

It’s a bit hard to show the jig in action, so the following will have to do. Basically I make multiple passes over the saw, each time moving left or right between stops, then repeat for each slot using the previous slot to position it.

This went all pretty well. I should have spent a little more time adjusting the jig, as the teeth were a little too tight, but after a little practice I could get some pretty consistent cuts. The main tricks were having those adjustment knobs super tight so they didn’t move between cuts, and keeping the dust relatively clear of the stops so they didn’t effect left and right travel. (I’ve already got ideas for an improved design to keep the dust away from the stops, and increase the capacity of board width. But that will have to wait for a rainy day.)

Then the easy bit, and really the whole point of going to this trouble.  A bit of glue on the fingers, then fold the parts in. The cuts keep things pretty square so you just need a couple of clamps to do the basics. 

Next I trimmed up the box on the table saw, and then glued on a top and bottom. A bit of sanding and it starts to look vaguely presentable, keeping in mind this is cheap and nasty plywood and is the first time I’ve done this .

The fun bit is then cutting through the box to separate the lid from the base. 

Sad; no surprises inside. 🙂

Keeping this really simple, no hinges but some tabs to locate the lid. Looks a little funny, but simple and works well. I’d not left enough room for the big wheels of the toy car, so couldn’t just run tabs the full length and width.

Then on a whim, I added some felt I happened to the inside base. Fancy. Not sure what I was thinking other than it was easier than removing the annoying sticker residue I’d not removed before gluing up.

Job done. This toy car now has a most suitable home and is ready to be a slightly late birthday present. Here’s hoping it gets a look in over his matchbox cars!


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