Workshop Bevelled Cleat Storage

A quick post about my modular storage system in my teeny tiny shed, plus one more recent addition to this storage to keep my clamps sorted.

Through my good friend Pintrest, I learnt about “French Cleats”. Also known as bevelled cleats or even split bars. Basically you run some timber rails on the walls with a 45 degree angle cut into them, then you use a matching cleat on the back of whatever storage unit you care to build. 

The big appeal of this system is that you can quickly rearrange things, and progressively add to or modify. The cleats hold a heap of weight as that 45 degree angle wedges into the wall.

My normal source of timber is just Bunnings, and they sell super cheap 42x19mm x 1.2m seconds of dresses pine. Can be rubbish quality, but just fine for this sort of thing.  So cut off 45 degree wedges off a few lengths, screw them to the studs, all around and at different heights, and you have yourself a storage system in the making. 

Showing how the cleats go onto the rails

So far everything I’ve made has been rough and ready, using scraps of timber, a super basic construction. My latest was for storing clamps. I made a simple frame using half lap joints, then screwed in a few pieces to form the supports. 

Construction of a clamp storage unit

Other things I’ve knocked up in the past include the following. I regularly reposition these  to suit how I’m using the space at the time.

Plastic parts tray storage unit (post on this here)
Little shelf for my lamp
Inclined note pad stand
Racks for timber storage

Even my peg board is hung using a cleat!

No doubt I’ll build more little units to store tools. I’m thinking to make up something to store my hand planes, and I like the idea of a glueing station, and perhaps a sanding station. Endless fun. 🙂


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