Little Stand for a Giant Rolling Pin

The gift for a cake decorator who has everything. A little stand for a massive stainless steel rolling pin.

The enormous rolling pin sitting on the finished stand

A very simple little project that really only a few mintues. But every time I see this ridiculously big rolling pin of my wife’s I have to laugh, so thought I would turn this into a blog post. (If you are wondering, these big rolling pins are used for rolling out large sheets of icing for cake decorating.)

This stand is just to stop the rolling pin from rolling off the bench, rather than for actually storing it, so I made it pretty small. A masking tape roll proved to be a good rough size to trace out two shapes. Cuts out of my bandsaw and then glued together. 

All that was left was to finish sand and a coat of oil and wax to finish. 

For gifts or even postage, I often try to reuse and resize old cardboard boxes. In this case I thought it would be a hoot to use a old box from my wife’s favourite chocolate. A few cuts and folds and it’s done.

Like I said, a little and very simple project. Should earn me a few points with my wife. 


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