Simple Shoe Rack

A quick project to give my wardrobe some much needed organisation, a simple pine shoe rack. Sometimes a project deserves love, intricate joinery, hardwood timber and hours of love, but sometimes a couple of hours, cheap pine and a few screws really is the better solution! 🙂

I have/had grand plans to fully redo my wardrobe with custom made drawers and shelves, but realities hit me thinking about New Year’s resolution time re ently, and I  realised I’m not likely to have the time to spend on my “dream” solution. But rather than feeling too depressed about that I thought about what I could do. 

This led me to my dwindling supply of salvaged timber, in this case a bunch of super cheap pine left over from projects past. I figured I could make up a “flat pack” of sorts that would exactly fit a space in my wardrobe we already use for shoes.

With soft pine I ripped up the scrap lengths I had to a 18x18mm section, then trimmed them all to the 3 different lengths I needed. I did away with any fancy joinery notions and just drilled and screwed everything together. Doing anything fancy with this rubbish timber would have asked for trouble as it was twisted, and pretty weak with resin lines. Plus I cut it up super quickly so nothing was very accurate.

Final assembly was actually inside the wardrobe, so not quite “built in” but it would need to be disassembled to get it out again. I suppose I could have just screwed it into the existing wardrobe, but I preferred the idea of it being free standing and not changing the wardrobe in case I changed my mind about this later.

This took me about 2 hrs total, including a bit of sanding and accounting for the “help” my 4yo son gave me installing it. It isn’t going to win any awards but I don’t mind the simple look and it’s mostly hidden anyway behind the wardrobe doors. Perhaps one day I’ll rip this whole wardrobe out and make my custom made hardwood fine joinery masterpiece, but I think I’ll be an old retired man before that happens! 


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