Further Bandsaw Tinkering

Some more work restoring this old bandsaw. My new blade arrived in the mail so I could finally swap it over and get everything properly adjusted, then a few more tweaks to make this thing feel more like my own.

New one in, old one out. 4TPI x 9.5mm (3/8″)

While trying to adjust the lower blade guide I found a small hitch. Looks like a part broke or went missing and was replaced, but it was way too long preventing the table from titling my more than about 10°. So had to swap that put to get the table titlted up to get to the lower blade guide. 

(Upper) long eye bolt used to set the lower bearing. (Lower) replaced with a simple short screw

Next I really wanted a new table insert, as the one it came with wobbled about a bit and also it had a bit too much hogged out of it. So a quickly made replacement was in order. 

Some careful circle cutting, then even more carefully cutting of a 3mm lip to fit the table.
No idea how inserts are supposed to be retained, but blue-tack seems to work!

I’d given that table top a good scrub to remove a heap of old paint, glue, and who knows what, but it was still looking a bit beaten up. Although completely unnecessary, functionality wise, I decided to restore it’s original paint job next. 

Restoring the black paint work on the table top. Only took a few minutes thanks to really fast drying spray paints.

I just sprayed down everything with some etching primer (it’s aluminium so you need something like this) and then some flat black, and sanded back to reveal bare metal. Came up quite well. 

Bandsaw table repainted and looking almost like new 🙂

Finally (for now) I fitted some simple wheels to the base. I was going to try one of those retractable wheel designs, but I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t either too bulky or required welding. So in the end I just grabbed some really cheap wheels that weren’t too tall, and screwed them into a simple frame that I secured to the base (already making use of some of that wood I salvaged recently). 

Simple frame screwed together and locks into the base. 40mm wheels each with a 40kg load rating.

Now with a bit of mobility I can give the old beast a home. Tight quarters but it’s workable for cutting small items where it is, then I can wheel it out when I need more elbow room. I also figure if I find those wheels not stable enough  for heavier cuts, I’ll just throw a couple of wedges underneath. Anyway enough of that. I’ll have to think up my next project now!

My revised layout with just enough room. I’ll have to make a custom bench to be a little shorter to give more room for the bandsaw.

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