Table Saw Cabinet and Mobile Base

Another project to improve my little work space and to have a little fun. A small mobile cabinet for my tablesaw made almost entirely from recycled materials. Basically a strong box on wheels open on one end. This humble looking project allows me to reposition my saw easily and also store some of the accessories I use with the saw. Slowly but surely improving my workspace as it evolves along with my equipment, skills, and whims.

My finished cabinet supporting my 10″ table saw. Stored underneath are my cross cut sled and box joint jig.

Starting with the main structural framework, I used some old table legs; material salvaged from my original workbench before I built a new one. Ripped into two and cut to about 500mm, this made 8 sturdy pieces about 35mm x 60mm. 

Ripping these old dinning table legs down to about 35mm. 60mm depth of cut certainly made a lot of dust!

Next up I turned these into frames using some box joints. I was very pleased for another chance to use my own box joint jig design.  Box joints should give these frames some great stability to cope with the weight of the table saw and whatever else I end up throwing on it.  As these would be by far the biggest box joints I’d attempted, I did a trial run first with some offcuts. Other than copious amounts of sawdust coating my workshop it worked really well.

A test run with my box joint jig and all was fine. Easy fitting teeth and plenty accurate for my needs.

Now for the real thing. Squared up and glued together. A little rough but this isn’t fine furniture so it will do. 

Wow so much dust making box joints this big. Took quite a while but the extra strength should be worth it.

To join the two frames into a box, I cut some more scrap (this time from an old bed frame) into appropriate lengths. This time I went for dowel joints which should be strong enough, particularly as the sides will be reinforced with some plywood bracing anyway.

Working on the dowel joints. Three small 6mm dowels per joint should be plenty.

Next for that plywood. Just some pine plywood glued to the outside, again salvaged materials. No fancy edging or rebates, so less places for dust to build up. 

Lots of surface area for glueing the plywood, so no need for nails or screws.

I had some good size castor wheels from a broken dolly board  that worked perfectly for this. I just drilled an undersized hole into the frame and screwed them in. Being relatively soft material this worked fine just cutting it’s own thread. Time will tell if this will be robust enough, but I’m reasonably confident.

Castors just screwed into the wood

I was contemplating drawers for this, but I was running low on suitable scrap so in the end I just made up a bottom shelf out of the top of the old set of drawers I dismantled recently. All in all the only “new” materials in this whole project was the glue! 

My finished cabinet supporting my 10″ table saw. Stored underneath are my cross cut sled and box joint jig.


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