Fireplace Ash Pan

A sheet metal ash pan for my reproduction cast iron fireplace. It’s only taken me 7 years to get around to dealing with this; better late than never! I generally don’t do much metal work, but I recently found a scrap sheet of thin steel being thrown out at work and thought it might do the job.

What a mess. This ash goes everywhere when you sweep it up.

The first step in all this was making a template. Starting with a very rough paper template to work out sizes, I created a template in Sketchup. As this would use pretty thin material I ignored any bending allowances.

Template drawn up then printed out over multiple sheets and stuck together. The grid marks helped line up the separate pieces.

The template got glued straight onto my sheet metal with some spray adhesive, then I cut it out with a jigsaw. All pretty simple so far.

To fold this up nicely a break press would be the right tool, but with a lot of care I made do with some timber blocks, clamps, and some patient hammering.

And this my friends is a most annoying and time consuming method of sheet metal work

Next came pop-rivets to lock the pieces all together. Most commercial pans like this are welded together, but I don’t have a welder, so rivets would have to do. In the end it was a little underwhelming and looking a little like a hack job, but with enough soot and charcoal this thing should get itself pretty dark and dusty so I figure it will do. 

A bit rough but it works!

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