Sanding Block

Here’s my idea of an awesome little sanding block. Perfectly sized to take 1/8th of a standard sandpaper sheet. Just the thing for final hand sanding of my smaller projects. Yes I know, most of the world is happy with wrapping some sanding paper around a block of scrap wood, but a wood worker has to have projects! 🙂

So it turns out that a block of 57 x 97 mm is the right size to have an 1/8th of a standard sheet sandpaper (which seems to be about 11 x 9 inches) cut just so, leaving 20 mm either end to secure it to the block. Plus this is a good size to fit in my hand comfortably. So after a short play in my shed with some scrap wood I settled on a concept of three pieces and a couple of screws/washers/nuts to lock it all together. All parts were cut from scrap pine on my bandsaw and tablesaw simply and quickly. 

This middle piece is initially separate so I could insert some hex nuts inside, then glue it to the base creating encapsulated nuts. (Could do this with thread insert instead I suppose.) To do these and the other holes I got a chance to use my new bradpoint drill bits which I can’t recommend highly enough. Knowing your holes won’t wander off point makes such a difference I can’t believe it took me so long to get these things.  

Using the bolt to pull the nut securely into a slight undersized hole, fixing it in place. Then base plate glued over the top

So all that remained was knocking off the sharp corners with…. well some sanding. This somehow seems wrong. 🙂

This would be better with a round over bit in a router table, but works ok just sanding the corners off

To load this up you split a sandpaper sheet in half across the longest dimension, then into four even pieces. Then keeping the paper nice and taut across the base, you clamp the top piece down with the two screws. Nice. I think I’ll make another! 🙂


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