Wooden toilet roll holder

Hardwood toilet roll holder made from scraps, using box joints. Finished with tung oil and bee’s wax. Hardly glamorous, but I needed a simple and small project to get my woodworking fix after months of renovation work.

Scraping the bottom of the barrel I found some suitable scraps of 42x19mm hardwood. I worked out a reasonable size and cut up what I needed. The plan was for a simple U bracket made of three pieces, with a loose dowel that you can take in and out via a slot in the top.

To make the U bracket I went for an overkill of box joints. My box joint jig was still set up from its last use, so I stuck with 5mm wide teeth to save adjusting it.

My home made box joint jig still workimg very well.

To retain the dowel, I started by drilling a flat(ish) bottomed hole with a 20mm forstner bit. Then chiseled out a slot at a 45 degree angle.

Finished with a decent sanding and some counter-sunk holes for mounting, and a final coat of tung oil and beez wax.

Tung oil is super easy to use and being basically a plant oil there is no need for gloves or masks.

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