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“Made by Dan”

“Made by Dan” is a little project I started in 2016 as part of my increased interest in the world of woodworking. I’ve made heavy use of other people’s blogs, YouTube videos, and Pinterest posts for a lot of my inspiration, so I thought it would be nice to put something of my own back into the “Intertubes”.

Through my own blog I want to walk through a few projects that I find inspiring, satisfying, or are a bit if a hoot to work on to work on. In an ideal world this might provide even a small bit of support to others following a similar path, but if not, oh well it’s still fun for me to blog even if no soul every reads it.

A Bit About Me

I’m a Melbourne based amateur woodworker, working out of a tiny home built workshop, just under 9 square metres! This tiny space, together with the limitations on size and types of equipment I can practically store, throws up a few challenges that makes things more interesting.

My professional background is from mechanical engineering, project management and quality management, but I’ve also had a love of woodworking since primary school. So that gives me what I suppose is a little less typical view on things and how I approach my woodwork and other projects.

Any time I start a new project that I’ve not done before, I love the process of working out exactly how it should be done. Reading, designing, testing, before I take the leap. Sometimes that means into what others might think far too much detail to be practical, but for me that’s part of the whole point of this hobby.



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